For any organization with a growing customer base, providing good customer support is crucial for the sake of retaining those customers and ensuring repeat business. The same is true that need to offer their customers support on every platform they can be on.

Clickology customer support services provides 24/7 support to your customers via phone, chat, email and social media. Our cost-effective and customizable solutions are exactly what a fast scaling company requires to ensure smooth customer support.

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Without them, no business can ever hope to survive, which is exactly why having a comprehensive inbound and outbound customer support service should be an integral part of your company.Octopus Tech, a leading customer service company can be your perfect business partner in this regard, not only because we offer a convincing case for ROI but mainly because we understand the value of a good customer relationship.

Customer Support

Augmenting customer experience to win clients is re-emerging as the epicenter of every business strategy. It is also one of our most important functions. With the use of trained, certified team and leading technology at Octopus Tech, you can be rest assured our customer service outsourcing services will provide a boost to your sales. We offer a cost-effective way to generate new leads, answer customer queries and help resolve customer issues.

Product Support

Targeted for industries with dynamic product lifecycles, Octopus Tech offers a broad range of product support services focussed on achieving excellent customer satisfaction. We tailor the product support process to meet the specific needs of your business by including the required activities, system level reporting, and escalation procedures. Also, by analyzing product related call patterns, we provide insights into your future product development initiatives

Order Processing

Ordering a product today from the confines of your home or office is nothing short of a boon to a large segment of the population worldwide. Octopus tech offers a complete range of customer support outsourcing for order management including inbound sales, online order taking, upselling and cross-selling. Our order taking operators are professionals who are well trained to provide a customized response to your customer, in an efficient manner.

Toll-Free Service

Getting a toll-free customer care outsourcing service is a great way to connect with your customers and leverage the cost benefits that only outsourcing can bring you. Octopus Tech offers toll-free services at highly affordable rates that allow your business to make a substantial number of calls at a very meager cost. Also, our intelligent and structured outbound campaigns and can help boost your business and maximize your results within no time.

Claim Processing

Claim processing is important, be it insurance, healthcare or any account/finance service, it’s the dealing of customer requests for processing outstanding due amounts. Clickology in providing customer support, offers claim processing that includes everything from customers filing a request to the settlement of the claim. That’s why our claim processing service is not only high quality but also reliable and trustworthy.

Customer Survey

Your business is in big trouble if your customer satisfaction levels are poor which is why Clickology offers a range of customer service surveys customized to your company’s information, customers and industry’s need. Our periodic surveys provide quarterly, semi-annual or annual feedback about customer satisfaction along with our follow-up call center transaction surveys that provide a detailed feedback on the handling of customer service.

To grow your business and increase your sales, contact us today to know more about our Customer services.